23 August 2014

Who Do Men Say That I Am?

Passage: Matthew 16:13-20, Romans 12:1-8

Matthew 16:13-20
Romans 12:1-8

Jesus comes to the end of His public ministry. From here on he will be going to Jerusalem and preparing the twelve to continue on after he is gone.

After almost three years of preaching, teaching, and healing, what, he asks does the public think about Him?

“Who do men say that the son of man is?”

Notice two things here:

  1. There are diverse opinions.
  2. The public did not consider him to be the Messiah.

What the people thought of Jesus in terms of different characters shows what impressions Jesus made on the public.

If a poll were taken today, would the results be different?


a. John the Baptist — A preacher of judgment. Repent the kingdom of God is near
Matthew 3:1
To the leaders — Luke 3:7
To soldiers — Luke 3:14

Against — Herod

b. Elijah — a champion of God
c. Jeremiah — a prophet

d. Messiah — the missing person

The first thought John was the messiah; Now perhaps, Jesus was the promised


When Jesus asked his disciples who they thought he was, Peter was the spokesman - “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”

According top the account there is no hesitation in answering; Peter did not say “Lets think about this for a while.” no his reply was spontaneous and immediate.

This indicates that God gave him insights and enabled him to speak truths so great and true that a year could not have been enough time for him to come up with and answer of such divine wisdom.

Jesus acknowledged the correctness of the answer and told Peter that God had revealed it to him.

Mankind on his own and in his weakness cannot know or understand the true identity of Jesus. God by His spirit must reveal the truth of His Son.

What God said through Peter -

a. Jesus is His Son — They share the same nature: Jesus' being

b. Jesus is the Messiah — Redeemer, Savior: Jesus nature and work.

In his day Peter was the instrument God used to reveal the nature of Jesus. How does God continue the revelation so that people can know who Jesus is? The Peter principle is continued in each generation as the Holy Spirit reveals it to God's chosen people.

By proclamation of the Gospel
By Reading the Scripture
By listening to the inner voice of God

By responding to all this - “You are Jesus, the Son of the living God.” Is the clear response.

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